All About Christ Church

We're a lively and active community of people living lives focused on Jesus.

Our Values

  • All involved
  • Becoming disciples
  • Creating community
  • Doing evangelism
  • Encountering God

Our Values Explained

At Christ Church we believe in 'side-by-side ministry'. Each part of the body has an important role to play and we encourage all members of the church to get involved in the life of the church. As Christians our lives are focused on Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus is about following him, learning from him and then doing the things that He does.

But the Christian life is not a lonely walk. God gave us 'church' so that we can have a family who love, support and encourage each other in our faith. Our God is a God of relationships and we are people who value community highly, especially through cell groups. Jesus commissioned us to go out in to the world and make disciples. Sharing our faith with others is our primary call as a church.

We are a Cell Church and meet together each week in small groups, where we get to know each other, pray together, study God's word, have fun and reach out others to share our faith.